Interior Renovation

A dynamic entryway and some interior updates can give a sense of renewal to anyone coming back

Turnkey interior renovation is a term used by interior re-design companies that provide full restoration and interior design concepts. However, the process each company uses to achieve the results may vary drastically.

At Max's Turnkey Service our process is based on your requirements and time constraints to have your project completed on time and within budget. From renovating your dorm rooms to your student apartments and housing, we specialize in complete turnkey services with quality and time delivery as our priorities. From painting to flooring throughout your installations, our turn around and quality workmanship will give your students a fresh start.

Our experience and expertise expands from large and medium Integrated Service Solutions to general interior renovation projects.


Our expertise range from ceiling and dry wall partitioning to flooring works for offices, retail shops and residential projects.


Our quality objective is to continually improve and maintain performance & workmanship, so that our Customers are provided with a service that ensures safety, reliability and value.


    For all new constructions, renovation and repairs.


    Carpet, laminate, hardwood, vinyl and tile.


    Bathtubs, sinks and counter tops.



    Repairs, Installation and Ceilings


    Chemical & Standard Clean up

    Tile repair



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