Homeowners and business owners may be in shock from the initial devastation. It is important to try and follow the proper steps to achieve a complete fire restoration.








At Max's Turnkey Service we concentrate our first steps in the process to clean up as much of the existing area as possible. If the area is not immediately cleaned, oily smoke residue and permanent damage can be left behind.


So we make sure that as part of our immediate clean up, we remove general residue and smoky odors. The building and furnishings can be permanently damaged by the acid left behind so this is important to complete as soon as possible.


Oily smoke residue will be layered throughout the home or business. For these reasons, it is vital to contact us as soon as possible. We understand that fire damage services of high quality are difficult to find, and that is why we take pride in our services, we make sure our customers are completely satisfied with our work.



Negative Air Machine



HEPA Vaccum

Whether you have water damage because of a recent fire, or broken water pipe, or maybe from a leaky roof, our turnkey water damage service is perfect for you.


Just because you have water damage, it doesn't mean it can't be fixed! Our experienced staff understand how to restore a home or building back to excellent shape.




That is not just cleaning up the mess, but actually drying and repairing the structure that high volumes of moisture can affect, such as plaster and drywall, wood, concrete, and metal.


Mold is a concern, of course, but there can be many other problems related to moisture damage; crumbling drywall and plaster, weakening beams and supports, rusting metal surfaces, and more. If the moisture is left to sit long enough, it will eventually bring the house to ruin.


By having professional water damage restoration services, a cleaning crew will be able to properly assess the situation and prepare the best action plan for repair.

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